School Staff

Jill Brown

Jill Brown;;

Jill is our outstanding Pre-School teacher. She has been in education for eight years! Out of those eight years she have been with Trinity for just over a year. Before joining the Trinity family she married the love of her life Chris, earned a master degree and was blessed with her eldest daughter, Hannah. After having her first child decided she wanted to stay home and raise her family. During this time she and her husband had three more children, Maddie, Evan and Henry. After her youngest turned school age she decided it was time for her to go back to teaching. She has the experience to teach your children the fundamentals they need to know when attending school. She loves being a teacher and working with children. Jill also enjoys teaching at Trinity because it allows her to share the love she has for Jesus Christ. It provides an amazing back drop to teach morals and values as her students learn to navigate in a school setting. The families are amazingly kind and supportive, which makes for a wonderful teaching/learning environment. Parents and teachers work hand-in-hand to give each student an individualized education. The class sizes allow the teachers to personalize each student’s education to best meet his/her educational needs. She feels like teaching is what she was born to do.

Fun Facts: Jill has many hobbies but her favorite is attending all her children’s activities. These activities include: show choir, plays, volleyball, cross country, basketball and baseball. With such a busy family when we get to spend time together we appreciate every second!

~Life is meant to be enjoyed and God has provided and continues to provide us with lots of opportunities to laugh and smile. Trinity is a special place and all the students and staff are like family.~


Kim Harvey

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Kim Harvey;;

Kim is one of our outstanding Pre-Kindergarten teachers. She has been in education for many years and been employed at Trinity for four of those years! Kim’s passion is to watch her kiddos learn new things. Being with Trinity is like being with family. We are a tight knit staff and all work together to get our students what they need to be successful. Two of Kim’s children attend Trinity. Kim and her family also attend Trinity’s Church.

Kim’s TidBits– Some of Kim’s favorite hobbies are being outdoors, watching her children play sports and she also enjoys fitness.


Stephanie Cook:

Mrs. Cook (Mrs. C) is our Pre-K traditional aide. She retired from Memorial Hospital several
years ago. Deciding she wanted to stay busy, she came to Trinity. This is her third year. Living
in Marysville most of her life, she knows the community. She totally enjoys working with the
children, especially getting hugs and smiles. Mrs. C has two grown children and 4
grandchildren. Reading, doing crafts, being outside and enjoying her family are a few of the
things she likes to do.

Stacie Stillion

Stacie Stillion;;

Stacie is another one of our outstanding Pre-Kindergarten teachers! She teaches our 5 day a week program. She is an individual that uses the talents that God has given her to help others learn, love and grow into the people they are meant to be. The fulfillment of knowing that she has helped a child along their path in life by inspiring and motivating them in a positive way makes teaching such a passion. Trinity Christian Day School is a family-oriented setting. The education process for children is all about God, the parents/family unit and educators/school working together as a united team and Trinity is a reflection  of this for certain!

Stacie’s TidBits: Stacie has a great love and compassion for children and animals. Some of her favorite hobbies are spending time with her husband and seven children. She previously lived in Meadville, PA until she moved to Marysville, Ohio four years ago. Mrs. Stillion is a big Steelers fan! She also loves decorating, organizing, being outdoors and working with others. She is also a coordinator and coach for Weight Watchers and a Zumba instructor.

Aaron Brown

Aaron Brown;;

Aaron is one of our Kindergarten teachers. Mr. Brown is going into his ninth school year with Trinity! He is an individual that loves teaching because of the students. Kindergarten is the age when the students’ faces light up when they come to school each day. Nothing starts your day off better than a room full of eager learners. Aaron enjoys being the able to introduce new ideas and concepts to his students that they haven’t known or seen before. Teaching young minds each days is unpredictable! One day is never the same as another. This is a great thing for a teacher and helps create the relationship between students and staff. With Trinity being such an intimate setting, Aaron is able to see former students grow into the young men and women he knows that they can be. He can also take pride that maybe he was part of this transition. He truly feels that teaching young minds is the best job in the world! He even finds it hard to put into words everything that he loves about teaching at Trinity. One of the best things is that Trinity is a Christ-centered atmosphere. Teachers here at Trinity are able to cherish being able to teach students about God through stories, bible verses, weekly chapel and daily God moments that happen. Students even pray before meals, tests and whenever they need to. It brings delight to him to hear five and six year olds discussing bible stories and what they know and have learned.

Mr. Brown also appreciates seeing the sixth graders stopping to check on their kindergarten buddies! Being able to see all age groups working together is truly inspiring. The older students will even walk kindergarteners to class. This is the type of atmosphere at the amazing school of Trinity. This is a school full of helpful, kind, God loving, happy kids! The staff is the same way; they are always working together to make sure that everyone is taken care of. There is no segregation of teachers per grade. We are a staff that all have a common goal and only together will we reach that goal.

Mr. Brown’s Fun Facts: He was born and raised in Marysville. Aaron even attended Trinity for Pre-Kindergarten. When he is not working, he is an individual that loves golfing, coaching basketball and spending time watching any type of sporting event. With being the only male teacher he meets up with the fourth, fifth and sixth grade boys for lunch each week to talk about how their week is going and how they might have seen Jesus at work in their lives.

Amanda Williams

Amanda Williams;;

Amanda is one of Trinity’s Alternative Kindergarten Teachers. She has been in education for five years and one of those years has been with Trinity. What she loves that most about her career is watching the children grow from the first day of school to the last day of the school. Being able to see the kid’s smile when they succeed at something makes everything educators do worth it. Trinity has small classes and a small staff. This makes working for this establishment so intimate. The feeling of everyone working together on the kid’s journey to know and love Jesus Christ is indescribable.

Amanda’s Fun Facts: Mrs. Williams hobbies are following her four children and watching them play ball, participate in plays and sing in the choir. Amanda loves nothing more than being a mother and a teacher.

Barb Wolfe

Barb Wolfe;;

Barb is also one of our kindergarten teachers. She has been in education and with Trinity for 34 years! She is an individual that loves the energy that young kids bring to the classroom every day. Watching them grow and become the best that they can be. This is why she is in education. The student’s faith helps all the staff’s faith grow. Trinity has such a small and intimate setting, all the staff are like family. The sixth graders even know the kindergarteners and greet them in the halls.

Barb’s TidBits: Mrs. Wolfe is such a family orientated individual that would do anything for her two daughters. She also loves reading, hiking, biking and working with her roses in the garden.








Ashley Mason;;

My name is Ashley Mason and I am so excited to be teaching first-grade at Trinity Lutheran School. I am originally from Pittsburgh, PA and over my life I have lived in eight different states (PA, FL, SC, CO, NV, MO, AZ, and now OH). My family and I are so excited to be back in the mid-west. My family and I moved to Ohio from Arizona over Memorial Day weekend 2016 and we recently moved into our forever home here in Marysville. I am beyond delighted and blessed to be joining the teaching staff at Trinity Lutheran School. I am licensed teacher in the state of Ohio and hold a Master’s Degree in Education from Regis University. I have taught in private, public, and charter schools in Nevada, Arizona, and Ohio. I have seven years teaching experience including kindergarten and first grade as well as being a special education teacher for grades kindergarten through sixth grade. I am married to my husband of nine years, Matthew Mason. We have three adorable children. We also have an awesome 13-year- old Great Dane/Lab Mix dog named Emma and a two-year- old Russian Blue cat named Belle. When my house is quiet, I love to read. But for all the other times, I also enjoy baking, coloring, gardening, and creating fun and messy science experiments with my kids.


Abigail Anderton

Hello! My name is Abigail Anderton and I’m originally from the Cleveland area. I moved to Marysville two years ago when my husband, Robert, got a job working with Honda. We bought a 114 year old house last year and are happy to be making Marysville our home! I’m the oldest of 7 kids. I enjoy reading, crafting, and playing with my cat, Oscar. I also love theatre! I am a member of Silver Scene Players theatre group and the Union County Singsations. Since graduating Cleveland State University in 2015, I have been a substitute teacher and have worked for the Marysville SACC program. I am very excited to be joining the staff at Trinity! I can’t wait to share my faith and love of learning with students!

Cindy White


Michelle Rice

Cindy White;;

Cindy is our third grade teacher and fourth grade math teacher. She has been in education at Trinity for thirty two years! She shares her love of learning and reading with Trinity students and watching them grow throughout the school year.

Cindy Fun Facts: Mrs. White and her husband Chuck have five children. They have two sons Greg who lives in Dayton area, Daniel who lives in Delaware. They also have three daughters Jennie who is attending Capital University, Kate and Elizabeth still live at home. Cindy has a sweet tooth and enjoys baking. She is also an avid reader and museum visitor.




Michelle Rice;;

Michelle is our second grade teacher. She has been in education for ten years and out of those ten years she has been with Trinity for seven! Michelle enjoys helping students discover and enhance their God-given talents. The caring hearts of the students and the feeling that the student body is one big happy family! Everyone including students and staff know each other, pray for each other and are very understanding of each other.

Michelle TidBits: Mrs. Rice earned her bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education with a minor in Music at Ohio University (Go Bobcats!) and master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction with a concentration in Talent Development from Ashland University. Michelle and her husband Josh have two children Thomas and Shannon. She enjoys music of all kinds and loves attending concerts. Flexing her creative muscles from time to time through scrapbooking and other projects. She loves playing games (board games, cards, etc.) with family. Michelle also spends a lot of time caring for and walking their two dogs, Summer and Peanut.

Besty Kale

Betsy Kale;;

Betsy is our fourth grade teacher. She has been with Trinity for two years. There are so many things that Betsy loves about teaching but to just name a few of her favorites: forming personal connections with the students, watching the students take ownership of their learning, learning right alongside the students and the variety I experience every day in the classroom. No two days are ever the same! Trinity is a tight knit family that was founded on Christ. She believes it truly is a blessing to get to share faith with her students each day.

Fun Facts: Some of her favorite hobbies are taking walks, exploring new places, reading, watching movies and listening to music.

Rebecca Wever

Rebecca Wever;;

Rebecca is our sixth grade homeroom teacher. She has been in education for three years at Trinity. Three of her favorite things are kids, reading and books! This is why she loves what she does! She wants to grow readers. Seeing students succeed in any capacity in the most humbling and rewarding thing about education.

Rebecca TidBits: Mrs. Wever is a Michigan State graduate and a huge fan! She has almost been married eighteen years and has two children: Nick (6th grader) and Luke (4th grader).

Here is a link to Mrs. Wever’s Symbaloo page:

Katie Evans;;

Katie is our Latchkey Director. She has been in education for eight years and out of those eight years, three of those have been with Trinity. She loves being a part of the Trinity family, it is such a wonderful place to work!

Katie Fun Facts: Mrs. Evans was just recently married! She enjoys spending time with her family and friends.

Lisa Guenther

Lisa Guenther;;

Lisa is one of our Latchkey teachers. She has been with Trinity for just over a year and loves being apart of the Trinity family. She enjoys challenging her students to see how they rise to their own potential. Trinity is a school where kids stand up for one another and love one another despite their differences. And of course she loves being able to lead the kids to God, and watch their faith grow.

Lisa TidBits: Mrs. Guenther is a compulsive reader, enjoys reading anything that she can get her hands on! Lisa has three wonderful kids. With the  youngest going into third grade at Trinity. She feels her family has been so blessed to be a part of Trinity, both as parents, teacher and student. The kids and staff here are amazing!

Kristen Mosier;

Kristen is one of our Latchkey teachers. She has been apart of the staff for a year at Trinity. Having the opportunity to see things through the children’s eyes and being able to witness their enthusiasm for life and the ways they share God’s love with one another. Since the first day her daughter began preschool here several years ago Kristen has known Trinity was special. “Love fills the hallways and radiates from the teachers and staff.” As a parent and as a Latchkey teacher, she feels blessed to be a part of this school.

Kristen FunFacts: She enjoys reading, camping, practicing yoga and spending time with the family.

Jackie Nelson

Jackie Nelson;

Jackie is one of our Latchkey teachers and she has been in education for seven years. Four of those years have been with Trinity. She enjoys getting to know her students and seeing their faces when they find something that they love to do.

Jackie Facts: Mrs. Nelson and her husband have lived in Marysville since 1997. They have two grown children. Jackie also attends Jazzercise and has two cats.

Rita Rinehart

Rita Rinehart;;

Rita is one of our Latchkey teachers and has been the field of education for eleven years. Out of those eleven years two of them have been with Trinity. Rita loves working with children of all ages from preschool through middle school. The students at Trinity are extremely caring toward one another and well-adjusted. They are fun loving and easy to work with.

Rita TidBits: Mrs. Rinehart has been married to get husband Steve for thirty years and they have two grand daughters. Steve and Rita live in Chuckery, Ohio. She worked as a computer programmer/web designer for over twenty years, most of those years were part-time as she raised her children. After retiring from programming she decided that she wanted to become a teacher’s aide and Latchkey Director at St. Paul Lutheran School until their closing. Rita’s hobbies include baking, reading, and hiking with her husband.

Caroline Ritzinger

Caroline Ritzinger;;

Caroline is also one of our Latchkey teachers. She has been in education for fifteen years, with this past year being her first at Trinity. Watching children learn is what she loves to do. This is why she became a teacher! She enjoys watching their smiles when they accomplish something they didn’t think that they could. She also thinks “The staff and parents are so friendly and help everyone feel welcome. “

Caroline Facts: She is a person that loves to be with her family and enjoys hiking, boating, camping and traveling.

Andrea Bradley

Andrea Bradley;;

Andrea is Trinity’s art teacher. She has worked in education for nine years and with seven of those being at Trinity. With Andrea being an art teacher she lives to help kids grow in their creative processes. Her desire is for them to feel good about something they created and to feel proud of themselves. Trinity has wonderful teachers and staff to work with, a supportive administration, is Christ centered and most importantly cares for the students.

Andrea TidBits: She obtained her bachelor’s degree from Bowling Green State University in Fine Art with a specialization in Graphic Design. She then received her license to teach art through Ashland University. Andrea has lived in Marysville for about eighteen years. Prior to teaching at Trinity she was a substitute teacher for Marysville City Schools. Some of Andrea’s favorite things are gardening, taking walks, drawing and spending time with her family.

Marilyn Quest

Marilyn Quist;;

Marilyn is the music educator and has been in education for thirty nine years. Two of those years have been with Trinity. Seeing children grow and learn to understand and love through music, dance, playing singing games and instruments and performing for others is what makes her love what she does.

Marilyn Facts: Mrs. Quist has been married for thirty five years and has been blessed with two grown children and now has a grandchild. Marilyn loves to sew, quilt, and do things with her hands. She also likes to play the French horn with the Dublin Wind Symphony and loves all types of music!

Barbara Cingle

Barbara Cingle;;

Barbara is Trinity’s Enrichment teacher and has been with the school for over ten years. What is an enrichment teacher you ask? It is Barbs job to enhance the student body’s education they are already receiving. The best part about her job is seeing the reaction when a child meets and conquers a challenge she has given them. They then gain the confidence in their abilities.

Barb’s TidBits: She received her bachelor’s degree in education from Bowling Green State University in 1993. She has also been married for almost twenty five years and has four sons who keep them busy! Barbs greatest weakness is a good book and a bowl of ice cream!

Maria Cross

Senora Maria G. Cross;;

Senora Maria is Trinity’s Spanish teacher. She has been in education for sixteen years with half of those years being with Trinity. She loves to inspire students academically and personally. She is happy to share that she has the ability to help children achieve their best in learning a second language through reading, writing, listening and speaking. Being able to interact with students and share their enthusiasm in learning Spanish and the Latin culture. “Trinity is a loving Christian environment” says Cross. She loves how Trinity works as a family in communication, assistance, support and encouragement. Her favorite verse is “Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not turn from it.”  Proverbs 22:6.

Fun Facts: Senora Maria was born and raised in Venezuela. She graduated from Bowling Green State University with a Bachelor’s of Science and Masters of Arts. She has a wonderful husband who is from Marysville and blessed her with four amazing children: William is going to be working full time as a missionary with Campus Crusade for Christ at Texas A&M in Texas; Cristina will be teaching Math at Colorado Springs in Colorado; Joseph is a student at Cedarville University majoring in Business Management with a minor in Biblical Studies; and Angela will be a Senior at Marysville High School. Mrs. Cross also loves to read, travel, swim, spend time with family and enjoys God’s gifts.

Nancy Shrock

Nancy Schrock;;

Nancy is Trinity’s reading intervention teacher and librarian. She has worked in education for forty years! Thirty five of those forty years have been with Trinity! Nancy loves the expression a child will give when they finally understand a difficult concept, and the look of a child witnessing about his/her faith in another child. At the heart of each day is the love of God flowing through the words and actions of each staff person. The blessings we see each day as we work with each other in this place.

Nancy Facts: Mrs. Schrock is surrounded by the love of her husband, children, grandchildren, and even her furry children! She loves to do crafts of all kinds and learn new things. Loves to listen to children and staff at worship in Chapel. The music is fantastic!  Nancy and her husband love to travel via their RV to new and old places. She truly believes the education offered here at Trinity rivals any offered anywhere. What makes this place special is the Christian Family atmosphere offered here along with the excellent academics. Her family (three generations) have seen this as the place to educate their children!

Cathy Kester-McNabb

Cathy Kester-McNabb;;

Cathy is Trinity’s school counselor. She loves seeing the “ah-ha” moments that children will give when they understand how our guidance lessons apply to their lives, helping them to be better Christians, friends and classmates. Cathy loves how excited the students are when we have our class guidance lessons and the relationships that all the class builds together. Because Trinity is such a small school she feels that counseling services are easily accessible when needed and all the students feel comfortable to come to her when they have a concern.

Cathy Tidbits: Mrs. Kester-McNabb is married with two wonderful children…Jacob who will be a junior at the University of Cincinnati and Anna who will be a freshman at Heidelberg University. Her family enjoys sports, camping, gardening and just being outside together as a family. Both of her children attended Trinity school from Pre-K through 6th grade and both continue to live by the values, morals and ethics taught to them through the partnership of us parents and school staff. Trinity is truly a special place where God joins hands with teachers, parents, friends and family to engrave Himself on the hearts of HIS children.

Heather Pepper

Heather Pepper;;

Heather is the school secretary.  She loves and appreciates being part of such a warm, caring group of people. The children are her sunshine!

Lori Poling

Lori Poling;;

Lori is the principal of Trinity. She has been in education for 18 years and for seven of those years with Trinity. Every day at the school is different and she loves that she can walk into a classroom and see learning at its finest. Children are a blessing and she loves that she is able to interact with them  every single day! At Trinity the staff is a family. We take care of each other and learn from one another every day. Her staff teaches the students to love the Lord, serve each other and nurture them to be leaders. The people at Trinity are the most dedicated, hard-working, passionate people she has ever had the privilege to know. The Trinity Staff makes this school the special, amazing and unique place that it is. There is no place else Lori would rather be!

Lori Facts: Mrs. Poling has the most supporting husband in the world, Dana. Together they have four children: Anna, Reese, Luke and Eve. She enjoys being in the sun, exercising, listening to audio books and watching youth sports!