Message from Pastor

Pastor Barry Scott & Pastor Elizabeth Clothier

 Being The Light – Changing the world with Jesus’ love!

Being The Light means letting the light of Jesus’ love shine brightly in us for all to see. Your family is stronger and better together – and so is the Trinity family! This is how we are “Being The Light.”

Being The Light points us as a church to what we want to BE. 

Changing the world with Jesus’ love means:

  • Teaching. We’re growing as a church and school, but our goal is not to be big, but to help people grow deeper. The Trinity School mission is to help parents as they raise their children to have all the tools necessary to live a fulfilling and abundant life – including the experience of God’s powerful love in Jesus!
  • Disciple-making. We are committed to equipping every believer for a life of following Christ. From children to adolescents, to teens to young adults to seniors – all of God’s children need to grow in knowledge and grace.
  • Welcoming.  We believe all people are beloved children of God, and have great value. You are welcome to explore, connect, worship, serve, and grow at Trinity. Changing the world with Jesus’ love begins right here, in the church family.
  • Caring. Life is hard. Sometimes all you really want is a safe place where you are loved for who you are. In all of life’s challenges and losses, we want Trinity to be that kind of place, and we also want to bring that support to struggling people wherever they are.
  • Open to conversation. It’s okay to have doubts, and it’s okay to ask questions. We will treat you with respect, and we won’t think less of you if you come from another faith background, or none at all.

Pastor Barry Scott

Pastor Beth Clothier