Being the Light

Being the Light

Changing the world with Jesus’ love!

Being The Light means letting the light of Jesus’ love shine brightly in us for all to see. Your family is stronger and better together – and so is the Trinity family! This is how we are “Being The Light.”  You may have 3G or even 4G technology for how you communicate today. We believe that to be the light of Christ, you’ll need the 5G’s to receive the message and share with others.

The 5G’s we live as the Body of Christ:

God First. 

   Acknowledge God’s presence and power in our lives.  Spend time with God in prayer daily, weekly in worship, and lifelong in God’s Light.

Grace Filled.

  We don’t measure people, we treasure them – just like Jesus does.

Grow Family.

  Share life’s laughter and tears with each other in Christ, and work to make it easy for those on the fringes to do the same – so that no one’s    ever left on the outside looking in.

Give Freely.

  We know all our skills, possessions, and accomplishments are gifts from God, and we use those gifts to strengthen the church and bless the world.

Go Forth.

Push beyond your comfort zones into places and relationships where we can help people outside the Church find their way into God’s family.