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School Achievements

See how our students test results compare to other schools in the district.

Early Childhood Program

It’s never too soon to start thinking about your child’s Preschool (3 year old) and Pre-Kindergarten (4 year old) academic journey.  Research shows that children who participate in early childhood education perform better academically, socially, emotionally, and personally. During a child’s first five years their brain is the most receptive to learning than any other time in their development. Trinity’s well rounded early childhood program provides a developmentally appropriate play-based program supporting learning in all five areas of development. Trinity’s faith-based program nurtures spirituality by partnering with families to be an extension of the home in Christian training. 

Before and After School Care

Trinity Lutheran School has a strong commitment to support working families. Our Cub and Tiger Care (CTC) latchkey program is an alternative resource to traditional day care services. This program functions within the Trinity Lutheran School and Church buildings utilizing the gymnasium, cafeteria, playground and classroom. Our goal is for each student to be comfortable with our building and staff, ensuring a seamless transition between programs.

Permission Slip

The Trinity permission slip is required for your student to participate in certain school activities such as field trips. Please print and return to your student’s teacher.

Scholastic Book Fair

Trinity’s annual Book Fair is online! Support Trinity and discover new exciting books! Orders will be delivered to your home. 

Employment Opportunities

We are not currently hiring but check back again for job postings.



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