Chapel Services

All-school worship (Chapel) services are highly important in fulfilling our purpose as a Christian Day School. The principal and pastor(s) prepare the schedule of weekly worship services. On the opening day of each school year and each Wednesday thereafter, students and staff attend Chapel Services together. All grades worship together at 9:00 a.m. for the first semester and at 1:15 p.m. for the second semester in the church sanctuary. Parents are encouraged to attend with us. The pastor(s) direct the liturgy and messages at these services. The messages and songs are chosen to meet the needs and learning levels of the students. Students assist with the acolyte and usher duties. Classes may also lead these services in consultation with the principal and pastor(s).

Students are asked to bring an offering to Chapel service each week and are provided with an envelope for this gift. We suggest parents design a way for their children to earn this offering at home. Regular giving (tithing) should be taught from the home and carry over into worship and congregational life. Offerings at these Chapel services are designated for mission work both within and outside our church and school. These offerings make it possible for us to extend our help beyond where we are personally involved and also make it possible for others to respond to God who loves them as much as He loves us. They also encourage the students to become cheerful and responsible givers. Teachers will remind students that an offering will be collected and provide an offering envelope the day prior to Chapel. All moneys collected from these offerings are disbursed into our community and world in a variety of ways. Some annual missions have been adoption of a child through Christian Children’s Fund, the tuition assistance fund of the school, local food pantries and mobile meal programs and missionaries. Students are encouraged to suggest projects that may be worthy of receiving portions of our weekly Chapel offerings. We urge families to make a consistent effort to allow students an avenue to present a chapel offering each and every week.

In addition to all-school worship, individual classrooms are expected to practice daily devotions. These may include, but not be limited to, prayer, message or lesson, and song.