Our current Trinity Lutheran School Handbook is available for parents and students. It is a complete overview of all expectations and procedures.

Content covered in the handbook include:

Our Philosophy of Education
Adopted Educational Outcome Goals
The Curriculum — Accountability for the School
Non-Discrimination Policy
Special Education Services
Admission, Enrollment & Withdrawal
Care of Equipment and Books
Testing — Evaluation Policy — Reporting Student Progress — Homework
Library Services
Accelerated Reader Program
Enrichment Program
Promotion, Retention & Graduation
Technology Acceptable Use Policy
Tuition and Fees
Tuition Assistance Fund
Delinquent Accounts Collection Policy
Student Records
Dress Code — Image of the Student
Cafeteria Rules & Lunches
Discipline — Detention
Student Code of Conduct
Arrival and Departure Times
Delays & Closings
Transportation — Bicycles — Parking
Chapel Services — Worship & Sunday School
Lutheran Memorial Camp
Special Student Events
Visitors — Room Parents — Volunteers
School Pictures
Latchkey Services
Information Updates
Choir and Other Music Groups
Telephone/Cell Phones
Playground Rules
Pupil Health & Safey