Philosophy of Education

Everyone on God’s earth is important to God and is necessary in some way for the working of His world. Each person is a unique and special human being. We therefore believe that our children’s education should be Christ-centered, enabling them to serve God, others and self to the glory of the Lord.

Christian education is a grateful response to the Lord Jesus for His gift of salvation and his command to teach people as well as to share the good news of the Gospel. We realize the aim of Christian education must be training in the knowledge of God and His ways, and the development of whatever talents and abilities He gives to each individual.

Christian education is unique as it relates the transforming power of God to the development of the whole person: emotional, physical, intellectual, social and spiritual. We believe that, as Christian educators, we must specifically direct pupils to draw all spiritual knowledge and direction for life from the Word of God. We teach, by every possible way, the full salvation won for us by Christ on the cross and ever strive to make clear how the Christian way of life can and should reflect the love of Christ in all relationships and situations of life.

At Trinity, Christian education, centered on the good news of Jesus Christ, takes place in an atmosphere where parents, teachers and students relate to each other in understanding, cooperation, forgiveness and love.