Enrollment fees are non-refundable. Must be paid online at time of online enrollment form submission. The Christian
Day School Committee relies on commitments of enrollment when establishing the operating budget for the school.
There are many expenses of continuing nature, such as faculty salaries and facilities maintenance, that requires annual
obligations. It is essential that the annual income from tuition fees be assured for accurate financial projections.
TUITION PAYMENTS (Materials Fees have been figured into tuition this year, and will not be a seperate charge)
We request that all families submit a Simply Giving sign up form (ONE FORM PER FAMILY), for auto draft of tuition
payments through a checking or cc account. It will auto draft your tuition in 10 monthly installments (25th of the month,
August-May) from a checking/savings account or credit card (Visa, MC, Discover). For Example: if your total tuition is
$1,425, you will pay $142.50 per month, August-May. There is no impact to your credit for enrolling. You also will not be
receiving any solicitation calls or emails as a result of signing up. Best of all, it doesn’t charge you a processing fee. If the
child should move out of the area and withdraw from the academic year, tuition is able to be prorated to the last day of
class attended before March 1 st . After March 1 st , tuition is not able to be prorated, and will be due in full before
Trinity Members are expected to fulfill at least the difference between Member and Non-Member rates through their
financial support of Trinity Lutheran Church.
Any checks/charges returned to Trinity for non-sufficient funding are subject to the return fee.
Trinity Lutheran School has established a tuition assistance program to help families in need for students in Kindergarten
through Sixth grade. Tuition assistance is awarded strictly on the basis of need in a completely confidential process.
Families applying for financial aid will need to complete the application by May 1 st to be considered for the next school
year. Financial Assistance will require re-application on an annual basis.
A full tuition Scholarship is also available through the State Department of Education for those who qualify financially.
Families interested may contact Principal Cathy McNabb for more information. cmcnabb@trinitymarysville.org .
Awards do not apply toward enrollment fees.