Why Kids Love Trinity

We love Trinity because

…it has really nice teachers
— Reese 2nd Grade

…I get to make new friends
— Aly Alt-K

…their are opportunities to go on field trips
— Sydney 6th Grade

…we have really good reading buddies
— Damon 2nd Grade

…we get help when we don’t understand something, and we get to be with friends everyday.
— Skyler 6th Grade

…we can talk about Jesus and pray.
— Carter 5th Grade

…it is fun and caring
— Sophie 2nd Grade

…our school has Drama Club and Orchestra.
— Emma 5th Grade

…we have Grandparents Day
— Aubrey 5th Grade

…because it’s cool
— Drew Alt-K

…The Trinity Tigers have Jesus in their hands
— Maci 2nd Grade

…we get to do so much crafts
— Abby Alt-K

…I love all of the nice teachers
— Ashley 2nd Grade

…the experiments and the buddy readers in kindergarten and 3rd grade.
—Shannon 3rd Grade

….they teach you about responsibility
— Gavin 5th Grade

…that it is all about learning in a fun way, so I can have fun too!
—Caden 3rd Grade

…we learn!
— Alex Alt-K

…Our Lunch Lady makes Awesome Salisbury Steak
— Abbey

…because I love Miss S.
— Chloe Alt-K

…the nice teachers. Also, the holy songs we sing at chapel and how we study the Good Book.
—Blair 3rd Grade

…we get to play on the playground
— Kadyn Alt-K

…that it’s a private school and it has the best teachers ever!
—Marissa 3rd Grade