Why Trinity

What We’re Like

Casual on the outside, serious on the inside, and always welcoming.

At Trinity, ‘casual’ can describe what we wear (no dress code here, however you are comfortable) and how we worship (formal liturgy or joyful Praise), but always with the sense that we are renewed and strengthened together with God’s presence. More importantly, welcoming describes our philosophy about removing the common barriers that keep people from finding a place in a Christian community. And while we may not always take a serious tone on Sunday mornings (we’re not afraid to laugh at ourselves), we are absolutely serious about our work of changing lives with Jesus’ love.

What We Do

Changing the world with Jesus’ love.

The Bible is full of stories about the hearts, minds and bodies that were transformed forever by experiencing the powerful love of Jesus Christ. His love spread through the world as people like us are Being The Light. At Trinity we are still experiencing the transforming power of God’s love in our own lives, and we’re learning together how we can share that love with the people in our community.

Where We’re Going

Growing into God’s future.

Trinity is called to be a teaching, disciple-making, welcoming, caring, and open church where the passionate find their purpose, the struggling find support, and the skeptical find their Savior!