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Trinity Marysville Church and School

Like each of us, there are many, aspects of Trinity’s personality. Trinity is a community rich in tradition and a history of actively serving the community around us. Trinity is also a young, fun, family-friendly, casual yet passionate church that’s growing in faith toward the future.

We’re a Christ-first church, grounded and blessed by a Christian spirit of generosity and grace. More simply though, we’re just regular folks who are casual on the outside, serious on the inside–and changing lives with Jesus’ love.  We care for each other, and always with an open door and a welcoming word for everyone!

Whether it’s tradition-rich with liturgy, organ music and cherished hymns, or powerful praise with contemporary music and band, or our modern liturgy with a mix of music styles, all are rooted in Word and Sacrament, and all with life-impacting Bible-built messages. Together we listen to God’s word for us, experience grace in Jesus Christ, and are strengthened for life through Holy Communion (the Lord’s Supper) each week.