Youth and Children’s Ministry

We are equipping Trinity’s children, youth, and families to love and serve! 

Ephesians 5:1
“Imitate God, therefore, in everything you do,
because you are His dear children.”

We aim to creat a fun, safe and loving environment for every child & youth that walks through our doors. We surround them with a caring and encouraging church family who are REAL and ready to allow Jesus to continue to transform their lives!

Summer 2019!!!

June 9th = Trinity’s Pray and Play Date group will be heading to the Partners Park splash pad after 9:30 worship! All are welcome to join us!

June 10th – 14th 6:15-8:15pm = Trinity’s Vacation Bible School heading “To Mars and Beyond” this Summer!  Click here to register to join us!

June 16th-21st = Senior High YouthWorks Trip to Benton Harbor, MI

June 24th 1pm = Restore(d) youth (7th-12th grade) to Whit’s Ice Cream for fellowship:)

July 8th 1pm = Restore(d) youth Eda’s Italian Ice for fellowship:)

July 14th-19th = 5th-12th grade Local Mission Trip “Transformation Zone”

July 28th 7:30pm = Restore(d) to Summit Youth worship and praise with other youth@Marysville Grace

August 4th = Youth Sunday at Trinity to share about our summer mission experiences

August 8th 12-3pm = Restore(d) to Swim at Scott’s Pool

August 14th 10:30am = Senior Christ Care to share about our Summer mission experiences

August 15th 6:30pm = Party with Alt-K to 6th graders for Trinity School’s Parent Orientation

August 25th 5-7pm for Trinity’s “Back to School Bash”

August 26th 6pm = Party with Pre-S/Pre-K ers during Parent Orientation

If you have any questions regarding children, youth, and family activities at Trinity please feel free to email us!

Family Minister: Amelia Shrum

Youth Minister: Tara Gilbert